Q. How is the Board of Directors elected?

A. The volunteer Board of 5-7 directors is elected by the homeowners at the Association’s Annual Meeting held in April. The Board of Directors meet quarterly and is guided by a professional HOA management company. For continuity purposes, directors are elected to serve two-year terms.

Q. Who maintains the common areas?

A. Because these areas are private and owned by the KOHHA, the Board oversees their maintenance. Multiple bids are obtained and contracts are reviewed or renewed annually.

Q. Is there an annual Homeowners Assessment?

A. Yes, the Board Treasurer issues invoices annually following the Annual Meeting held in April. The assessment includes common area landscape maintenance, electric and water utilities, maintaining the walls, wrought iron fence and gazebos, insurance, social events, fees to the management company, annual corporate filing, tax reporting and legal/collection expenses. There have been no special assessments in over 10 years. The Board takes its fiscal responsibilities seriously and manages the reserve funds to prevent special assessments.

Q. What do I need to do when I am selling my home?

A. At closing, you will need a letter from the Association confirming you are free and clear of obligations. Two weeks prior to closing, your lawyer or realtor should contact the Association Treasurer requesting a letter confirming your status. There is a $100 letter issuance fee payable to the Association prior to or at closing.

Q. What are the neighborhood landscaping requirements?

A.The Rules and Regulations as well as Article X, Sections 13, 14 and 15 of the Covenants and Restrictions (C&R’s) address the condition of property indicating no unsightly growth or articles are permitted on lots. Section 15 requires landscaping to be properly maintained at all times. Dead trees, shrubs and grass must be removed.

Q. Do I need to obtain approval to make exterior modifications to my home?

A. Article X of the C&R’s requires homeowners to submit plans in writing and in advance to the Board for any significant change and/or improvement to the exterior of their home, showing nature, kind, shape, height, materials and location. Architectural Review applications can be downloaded from the website on the “Documents” menu.

Q. When is garbage collection?

A. Garbage is picked up on Thursdays. The only exception is weeks in which Holidays fall; garbage collection is delayed one day, until Friday. Containers should be placed at the curb at 7 PM or later on the evening preceding pick up and removed by 7 PM on the night of pick up. The city of Naperville requires homeowners to purchase and use one of 3 sizes of containers available from the city.

Q. What about yard waste?

A. The City of Naperville offers weekly yard waste pick up from mid March through mid December. Yard waste bags (32 gallon) and stickers are required and can be purchased at various grocery and hardware stores. Branches less than 3 inches in diameter may be tied in biodegradable twine in bundles that measure up to 4 feet long and 2 feet wide. Bags and bundles have a 60-pound limit.

Q. Is there a fall leaf collection program?

A. The city of Naperville provides a free 6-week leaf collection program in the fall which starts in early November and runs through mid December. Leaves (only) should be placed in yard waste bags at the curb for regularly scheduled collection.

Q. What about Christmas trees?

A. The city of Naperville picks up live Christmas trees (no stands or ornaments) for recycling during the first two weeks in January. Trees should be left at the curb for regularly scheduled collection.

Q. When is lawn watering permitted?

A. Homeowners with odd numbered addresses may water on odd days of the month; homeowners with even numbered addresses may water on even days of the month. Watering times are from 6–10 AM and 6-10 PM. The city of Naperville issues tickets for non-compliance. Hand watering is allowed any time.

Q. Can I put a shed on my property?

A. No. Article X, Section 10 of the C&R’s prohibits accessory or storage buildings.

Q. Can I store my mobile home, travel trailer, truck or RV on my driveway?

A. No. Article X, Section 5 of the C&R’s prohibits parking or storing of these vehicles on driveways either permanently or temporarily with the exception of boats, campers and/or mobile homes which may be parked for a period of 7 days for vacation planning or cleaning.

Q. Can I repair my car in my driveway?

A. No. Article X, Section 5 of the C&R’s prohibits car repair or maintenance work, except in enclosed garages. Per city ordinance, inoperable vehicles cannot be parked on the street. The C&R’s prohibit inoperable vehicles on driveways for more than 3 days.

Q. Are pools allowed?

A. Article X, Section 9 of the C&R’s allows in-ground pools, in accordance with city ordinances. Above ground pools are not allowed, with the exception of small swimming or wading pools for young children that are emptied nightly.

Q. Can I put up a fence on my property?

A. No. Article X, Section 11 of the C&R’s prohibits fences, except around inground pools as required by city ordinance. Existing fences are required to be maintained in good repair at all times.